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Microsoft Office 365 Security Essentials

ISBN:  978-0-9844635-3-4
Publication date: 11/25/2011
Length: 100 pages

About the Book

Many smaller organizations rely on a few tech savvy managers to ensure that Microsoft Office is configured and deployed to best support core business objectives. If you are one of these indispensable managers, you are probably aware that the online collaboration features of Office 365 also create security risks not associated with desktop versions of Office. In Need2Know: Microsoft Office 365 Security Essentials, author Mike Halsey identifies and explains those risks, and answers essential questions about how to run Office 365 safely and securely. With a program that eliminates the need for a patchwork of third-party solutions, it’s important to harness the tools at your disposal to the fullest.

Microsoft Office 365 Security Essentials shows you how to secure your Office 365 team site, how to manage your users and administrators, and how to employ secure practices with Microsoft and third-party tools, as well as good old common sense. Author Mike Halsey brings wisdom from his extensive work with Microsoft Windows and the Office product family to the table to help you address the security threats you must know how repel in order to protect your company and its assets.
Key benefits:

In Microsoft Office 365 Security Essentials, you will quickly learn how to:
  • Manage Office 365 email and contacts securely
  • Implement team site security effectively
  • Handle security when using Office 365 with other Microsoft products
  • Create and manage different types of Office 365 user accounts
  • Set appropriate permissions on Office 365 team site accounts
  • Identify different types of Internet threats, and implement an effective antivirus solution
  • Implement common sense password security and use encryption to protect sensitive data
Microsoft Office 365 Security Essentials also includes handy references to safe password creation, secure web browsing, and anti-spam best practices, suitable for sharing with employees and coworkers. 

About the Author

Mike Halsey is a Microsoft MVP and has authored several other titles, including Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out and his self-published book, Windows 7 Power User’s Guide. Mike writes for www.ghacks.netand, in addition to publishing his own blog, Based in the UK, Mike has years of experience using Microsoft products in IT, and has a long and deep love for computing. In addition to writing about computers, Mike works as an adult skills teacher in English, Math and IT. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Office 365 Security

What Is Office 365 Anyway?

Defining Computer Security for Business
Data Protection and Small Businesses - An Essential Guide
Taking a Holistic Approach to Security
Chapter 2: Managing Office 365 Security
An Introduction to Office 365 Security
Managing Office 365 Business Contacts
Rules for Managing Email Security
Managing the Team Site Securely
Security and Your Office 365 Website
Internet Security Explained
Managing Office 365 Security with Office 2010 Desktop
Using Office 365 with Windows Phone
Chapter 3: Managing Users and Employees
Administrators and Standard Users Explained
Creating and Modifying User Accounts
Setting User Permissions on the Team Site
Chapter 4: Managing Your Computers
Identifying Threats to Your Computer Hardware
Implementing Antivirus Solutions
Securing Files and Data with Encryption
Local and Cloud Data Storage Explained
Appendix A: Creating Strong Passwords
Appendix B: Guide to Internet Security

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