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The LinkedIn Essentials: Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow your Business

Author: Asia Bird
File Formats: EPUB, MOBI & PDF
Page Count (PDF): 100

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About the Book

The LinkedIn Essentials: Your Plan for Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

The LinkedIn Essentials is your highly actionable plan for expanding your business’s customer base, using the largest professional network in the world! The LinkedIn Essentials shows you proven techniques for attracting quality clients using LinkedIn, and provides you with the essential elements for successfully marketing your business on LinkedIn, the largest PROFESSIONAL social network in the world, and the perfect place to target B2B customers. 

Throughout The LinkedIn Essentials you will find clear, actionable steps specifically designed to help you achieve one goal – get more customers and clients.

With The LinkedIn Essentials, you will quickly:
  • Understand how using Social Media impacts business today.
  • Learn why LinkedIn is the best social media platform for marketing B2B.
  • Find out how to use LinkedIn to build your business contacts, promote your brand, increase your visibility, grow revenue streams, generate leads, and increase revenue.
  • Follow the specific steps you need to take in order to be seen and attract quality clients and customers.
  • Benefit from field-tested best practices and original strategies for using LinkedIn tools to leverage your existing network.
  • Learn how to turn your LinkedIn connections into loyal clients.

About the Author

The LinkedIn Essentials was written by Asia Bird, founder of
Over the course of the last 5 years, Asia has developed bullet-proof techniques for using LinkedIn to build a business sales and marketing strategy for today’s socially driven marketplace. Her consulting and training programs focus on strategic online sales planning, social media sales performance monitoring, b2b sales training and development, and all things LinkedIn. You can find her at

Asia’s many clients and webinar and seminar attendees can attest to the growth and high profile their businesses have experienced after implementing the strategies you’ll find in The LinkedIn Essentials.

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